Using Location Bidding for Google AdWords in Dubai

Among the many features and settings that Google AdWords provides to its users to run a successful AdWords campaign, is a rather important one called the location bidding setting.

This is easily found within the Settings section at the campaign level, under the Locations tab:

Why use location bidding?

Visiting the Locations setting tab will give you insight into the amount that you are spending on each country you are targeting in your campaign, as well as the cost per lead from each country.

It enables you to easily reduce or increase your bids in each country, without affecting the bids you have set at a keyword level.


Locations tab

But what if you’re only running a campaign within one country? At Mapto Media, we have a many campaigns that target only the UAE population, and we’ve found that using the location bidding has allowed us to control how much we spend in each Emirate within the UAE, as well as closely control the cost per lead coming in from each Emirate.

For example: the cost of a lead coming from Dubai can cost AED 35, but a lead from Ras Al Khaimah can cost you AED 100. But if leads from Dubai have more value to you than RAK, you would not want to spend AED 100 for a lead.

Thus, to reduce your cost per lead from Ras Al Khaimah, you simply use the Bid Adjustment column to reduce your bids here by e.g. -50%. From now on, the bids in Ras Al Khaimah will be 50% smaller automatically on a keyword level, reducing your overall cost per lead both from RAK and overall for the campaign.


Bid Adjustment

With larger countries, it’s more efficient to target both the entire country as well as the top few cities, allowing you to control the spend and cost per lead from cities that are not as valuable in terms of leads and ROI.

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