Using Callout Extensions in Google Adwords

Callout extensions are a relatively new type of ad extension, recently rolled out by Google in September. It’s a brilliant way to extend the content of your ads, and is very similar to sitelink extensions.

Using callout extensions, you can add little snippets of text to your ad, in addition to the sitelinks that you are already running. They are perfect for highlighting the USPs of your service or product or advertising special offers or discounts you are running.

Examples of callout extensions are highlighted above. These extensions are not hyperlinks (unlike sitelinks, that are hyperlinked), and have a 25 characters limit.
They are also very easy to set up! You can run a minimum of two callout extensions, but add as many as you want. They will rotate with the ad impressions, just as the sitelinks do.

When creating callout extensions, align them with the features of each ad group to ensure that it is not just a repetition of the content of your ad. Standard Google ad policies apply to these extensions – no repetition of text within the call out extensions itself, no use of special symbols, or trademarked terms.

Make the most of this tool by using it to emphasize the best features of your business, whether it’s free shipping, 50% discounts or even next day delivery!