The Importance of YouTube Advertising in Dubai

We have always strongly argued that your presence on the first page of Google should be the first thing on your budget after paying office rent, salaries and the water dispenser. It is simply that important.

The 1st page of Google moves market share in almost every single industry. That is a certain fact. What is less certain is how aware you are of it and what you are doing about it? Make a search right for your most important products and services that you sell and see if you come up on the 1st page of Google. I am not talking about your brand, because brand should be a given in the top slot on the first page.

Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what you should be doing to get not only one but two links on the first page of Google.

The buying cycle

However, confining yourself to Google Search is confining yourself to influencing people in the last stage of the purchase cycle – the actual buying phase. You would completely miss out the two first stages of the below simplified purchase cycle model:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Preference
  • Purchase

If you are not present in the awareness and interest part of the buying cycle, then you will lose some clients to your competitors, because they will go straight from being aware of them, to having an interest in their specific offer and potentially a preference for it to buying directly from them.

The point is that not everybody makes a search on Google before buying. There is a lot of sales to be gained if you create awareness, interest and preference for your company and what you are selling before people make a search on Google.

This is what YouTube video advertising can do for you in Dubai, UAE and across the MENA region. According to Google the monthly reach of YouTube in both UAE and Egypt is 91%. KSA is one of the global leaders in YouTube consumption with a massive 96% penetration.

TV replaced by YouTube as the leader in just a few years

There is no better way to create awareness and interest and influence preference than with the combination of moving pictures and audio combined – video. Traditionally this was strictly the playground for big powerful brands with large marketing budgets. TV and to some extend cinema advertising used video ads.

However, the world has changed that statis old picture that lasted for decades. In just a few years YouTube has gone from being an easy way to share videos with friends without sending files to big to fit in an e-mail to being bigger than any TV channel measured on reach.

That first video on YouTube by the way was one about some elephants in a zoo:

By far the majority of advertising is still spend on TV instead of on YouTube. Things take time to change. This creates an immense opportunity.

And this is why you need to run YouTube Video Ads in Dubai asap

The fantastic thing about YouTube TrueView In-Stream video ads is that you don’t have to pay for people watching your ads. You only pay when they watch until the end of your ad or 30 seconds whichever comes first. This is an immense value proposition compared to your alternative video ads on TV or Cinema.

Another great thing is that people can not skip your ads the first five seconds. So you have five magic seconds in the get your message across. Then no matter what happens after that, then you have a little piece of success. Get enough of these, and you build brand and create direct response and sales on a big scale.

But why react now and now three years from now you may ask? Well, YouTube is an auction system just like AdWords. Guess what, there are not many participants in the YouTube auction. It is like AdWords 12 years ago. You get so much value for money.

We are very actively using YouTube video ads to expand our business in Dubai. Do you want to build learnings and brand while it is very affordable or do you prefer to wait until it gets expensive?
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