Targeting Strategies for the Display Network in Google Adwords

The Google Display Network is a brilliant way to increase your brand awareness on the internet. Branding campaigns don’t primarily aim to generate sales, but to “get the word out” about the company/brand, and to create awareness about the products or services offered. You can do this by using text ads, banner/image ads, and even video ads!

Google Adwords offers different targeting strategies, which are structured in three main categories: Display keywords, interests & remarketing, and the last category of options demographics, placements, or website topics targeting.

Let’s take a look at each of these targeting strategies!

1) Display Keywords

Also known as “contextual targeting”, this strategy enables us to use specific keywords to target content across the web and display our ads on those pages or websites related to our keywords (as long as they have advertising space on that page!).

2) Interests & remarketing

This strategy enables ads to show to people based on their browsing interests. You can target people based on their long term browsing history (called affinity audiences), or by reaching shoppers that are actively searching for products like yours (called in-market audiences).


Google Remarketing

You can also use the remarketing lists you’ve created to target people who have visited your website already and left without purchasing or leaving you an inquiry.

3) Using different targeting methods

The final option allows you to choose from three different target methods:

Topics – shows your ads on pages related to specific subject matters.
Placements – shows your ads on websites that you specifically choose (should be able to advertise on that page).
Demographics – shows your ads to people based on their gender and age.

You also have the choice of combining targeting strategies to define your target group even further. For example: you can choose to show your ads for AdWords services to all people between the age of 45 to 54, who are also browsing websites related to “Advertising & Marketing Services”. This defines your target group in even more detail, removing the possibility of displaying ads to people who may not be very relevant for your service.

Using the right targeting strategies lets you reach the right people for your product or service, and can help you reach potential customers that may not have been actively searching for you in the Google search page.

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