Scheduling Click-To-Call extensions for Google Adwords

Is your business running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? If you’re not open for business 24/7, but you are running call extensions in your Google ad campaign, chances are that you’re missing out on potential business when your office has closed for the day!

While call extensions are a nifty way of providing your potential customers a hassle free way to call you immediately, you can take it one step further and schedule timings for your click to call button to be displayed.

For example: Your business is only open from 9 AM to 6 PM, and outside of these hours there is no one to attend to incoming calls. So if potential customers are calling your office and no one is answering the phone, you’d never even know about it!

The solution to this problem is simple – schedule your click to call button to show only during your opening hours. This option can be found within the Call Extensions settings:



Simply set up the schedule for each day of the week, and outside of these hours your call extension will move to a “closed” status, informing viewers that your business is currently not reachable by phone.

Additionally, ensure that there is a contact form on every page of your website – if visitors can’t reach you by phone, they can leave you an inquiry on your website.

Using a combination of call extension scheduling and a contact form, you can ensure that your Adwords campaign decreases the number of lost leads as much as possible!