Reach Your Target Audience More Effectively through LinkedIn Account Targeting!

Advertisers and marketers are now on the roll with LinkedIn’s newest improvements with its very own ads platform – LinkedIn Account Targeting. This fresh and innovative account-based feature was introduced on Tuesday, March 2, which has been designed to enable advertisers to make use of their own data to better aim for Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Updates.

Russell Glass, Head of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, explained that the new marketing tool is packed with more convenient features that will greatly help businesses to create a much stronger target segment for them.

With LinkedIn Account Targeting, businesses are given the opportunity to upload up to 30,000 priority accounts giving them a wider reach which is a tremendous improvement compared to the 100 companies limit that are manually selected before. LinkedIn then cross checks the list to its network of eight million companies before permitting the targeting of pages, profiles, and other benchmarks such as job obligations and rank.

In effect, this advance feature delivers a more efficient method that lets companies tailor their marketing campaigns to more precise metrics like job roles and regions, for example. Additionally, it suitably complements the professional networking site’s other advertising tools as well.

Glass also added that an additional feature called Audience Matching is presently in progress which will also offer advertisers further choices on their datasets.

The Audience Matching feature is similar to the services offered by social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter, wherein companies can capably narrow down the audience they want to target in all of their running campaigns regardless of type.

Glass finally concluded that further developments supplementary with LinkedIn’s account targeting services are on the way in fulfillment of its long-term strategy in delivering quality services to its users.