Penguin 3.1 on Thanksgiving Day? Can Google really do this?

Penguin 3.1 on Thanksgiving DayOne really cannot imagine what has recently surfaced up relating to Google, a Google Penguin update which came on thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday weekend? Not a chance!

Google could actually unleash a refresh on Thanksgiving Day weekend, the most hectic buying weekend during the whole year? Google has informed us over and over again, they will not push out important updates on busy special occasions. Which means this can’t be real.

Google hasn’t verified this even so the black-hat discussion boards are going insane regarding Penguin recoveries through thanksgiving holiday day.

There are a large number of posts at Black Hat World on the subject, dozens discussing their statistics and position variations for websites struck by the Penguin 3.0 launch. People are also debating on WebmasterWorld and Twitter on this pattern over Thanksgiving Day.

Many have been attempting to get verification from Google since Thursday 30th, but they’re all offline on the Thanksgiving Day weekend. That makes this a lot more interesting, exactly who at Google would have put this on a holiday vacation? Was this a slip? Can this be some strange bug site owners and SEOs are witnessing?

The majority of people are witnessing recoveries within their Penguin sites. Currently not many are fretting regarding getting hit by Penguin as a damaging hit but mainly recoveries. Which means this can be a good Thanksgiving Day treat for many who had been hit but also for all of those that rank better now, somebody need to get ranked lower.

Do you observe variations in your Penguin websites and figures?

Could possibly Google have dared to refresh Penguin on thanksgiving holiday?