Optimizing the Buying Experience with Google AdWords

If you are running an AdWords campaign for an e-commerce website, this article will be especially educational for you!

With the passage of time, consumers are becoming more confident in moving away from the tradition of shopping in between aisles of products, to now purchasing everything from clothes to groceries online.

In addition, consumers also benefit from support features such as same day deliveries, convenient and safe payment methods, advanced tracking methods and more.

To capitalize on this, many businesses are setting up AdWords campaigns in order to increase the exposure of their ecommerce websites, thereby increasing their online sales significantly. While this is the best marketing strategy for these businesses, it’s very important to note that the buyer’s experience must be the absolute priority to result in a successful campaign.

1) Mobile advertising

  • Is your website optimized for mobile devices? If so, can consumers easily make purchases with their mobile device? Advertising on mobile devices is essential in this day and age, but if your ads are leading visitors to a website that’s difficult to browse or purchase from, then you could be wasting a lot of money on these clicks.
  • Ensure that your website is well optimized for mobile visitors – even if they don’t buy, they should be able to view products easily, so that they can then move to a desktop and complete the buying process from there.

2) Website experience

  • How has the website been built? Are visitors able to easily view the products, with enough photos and details about the product? Does the website load quickly, or hang for too long?
  • It’s important to put yourself in the place of the consumer. If you are interested in buying a product, and you visit your own website, would you find it easy to complete a purchase?
  • E-commerce websites need to be created with the consumer in mind, and ensure that it provides a smooth, easy, and quick buying experience to all visitors.



3) Online support

Many consumers will experience hesitation before buying products online, at some time or another. In these kind of situations, it’s helpful to provide an online chat service that can assist visitors with any questions or doubts that they may have. Furthermore, this can even help complete a purchase, especially with consumers who are one click away from purchase completion, who have a small doubt that needs clarification. It can also cement a consumer’s confidence in completing the purchase, knowing that immediate assistance is available, if required in the future.

4) The AdWords Campaign

The most important part of this article – your AdWords campaign.

  • Promotions and discounts: Use these to your benefit! Which of the following ads look more attractive:

Buy Shoes Now
Up to 45% off all boots.
Free shipping, buy now!

Buy Shoes Now
Big brands, big discounts.
Visit website to buy now!

Definitely the first one! If you are running any promos, discounts or sales, put this information in your ad.

  • Strict keyword discipline

Group keywords carefully into ad groups, with only relevant ads for each ad group.

For example, don’t have both boots and scarves in one ad group, with an ad for winter wear that has a destination URL for only boots. If someone was searching for scarves and clicks on your ad they could click away immediately, because they were looking for scarves, not boots.

  • Use ad extensions

This AdWords feature should be used in any kind of campaign, but it’s exceptionally useful if you’re running a campaign for an e-commerce website. Create sitelink extensions on an ad group level, not on a campaign level, which can help you create customized extensions depending on the nature of each ad group.

  • Use conversion tracking

This is THE most important feature in AdWords that is essential to a successful campaign, but it’s even more important when advertising for an e-commerce website. Track your conversions, see which keywords are bringing you the sales. Use both converted clicks to view unique sale data, and the traditional conversions column to view all your sales, including those returning to your website.

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