How to Run Cost-Efficient Google Display Network Campaigns

The Google Display Network holds numerous ways to market your business online – banner ads across the web? Yes! Text ads on YouTube? Definitely! Content targeted ads that pop up when you’re reading your mails on Gmail? Of course!

One of primary concerns facing AdWords campaign managers is how to control the quality of traffic coming in from the GDN campaign, whilst ensuring that costs don’t skyrocket overnight. The latter is completely possible if a campaign manager does not use the necessary settings to control the performance of a GDN campaign.

So, how does Mapto Media run successful GDN campaigns? Here are some of our tips!

1) Mobile bids

Have you ever browsed a web page on your mobile device and accidentally hit an ad with your thumb? It happens to the most of us and we probably don’t think twice about it while hitting the “Back” button to return to our reading. But that accidental “click” just cost a company money.

While advertising to mobile users is a great way to reach your target audience, there’s probably a good chance that a lot of your clicks came in accidentally.

Play around with your Mobile Bid settings to ensure that your campaign is not overspending on Mobile networks, and if it is, control the spend using the bid adjustments.


2) In-Game Placements

Have you been constantly bombarded by ads when playing games on your mobile or tablet device? It’s quite common to see a plethora of (mostly irrelevant) ads pop up on your screen, and it’s even more common to accidentally click on them.

If you know for sure that your target audience will not be found on Candy Crush or Temple Run, ensure that you exclude In-Game Placements from your campaign!

3) High CTR Placements

A high CTR rate in Search campaigns is a sign of a healthy campaign – it means that your keywords and ads are very relevant and very visible, and will contribute to a satisfactory ROI from your Adwords campaign.

But what about a high CTR in a Display campaign? It’s possible that this could be occurring due to, yet again, accidental clicks. GDN campaigns do not have Conversion Rates as high as Search campaigns, so closely monitor the CTR for each of placements and make adjustments to bids and settings if you feel something isn’t right.


4) Tablet Bids

Often, tablet devices are purchased and used more for entertainment than business purposes – children using their parents iPads to play games, teenagers using tablet devices for browsing the internet, social media and educational purposes, adults using tablet devices for entertainment purposes like watching movies or for reading, aside from work or educational purposes.

As of now, we are only able to adjust the bids for mobile devices – which is problematic because quite often, I see campaigns that spend a lot on Tablet devices that have an insignificant or expensive conversion rate and there is absolutely no way to control this spend.

Unfortunately, Google has not yet provided an option to adjust bids on Tablet devices, which is something that we hope will be implemented soon. The option to reduce (or increase) Tablet device bids will allow campaign managers to control both spend and the cost per lead, thereby positively increasing the performance of an AdWords campaign.

Are you facing problems managing your Google Display Network campaign? Contact Mapto Media now, and we can help you identify problems and boost your campaign’s performance!