Google Posts – A New Digital Podium for Verified Individuals and Organizations

Google is currently testing a new digital podium similar to that of social media sites wherein individuals and organizations are allowed to post and share information directly to Google’s search results.

This new “experimental” podium is now made available to U.S. presidential candidates as another means for them to impart information and political stances to a wider target audience in ‘real-time.’ The very first candidate that has been reported to utilize the invite-only tool is Bernie Sanders, and more are expected to use it in the coming months.

With the mobile app, candidates can conveniently post any type of content, starting from images, videos, and texts, directly to Google and it will instantly appear on search results after being substantiated by the search engine. Each post published are made readily available for sharing and can be circulated to other popular social networks as well.

Google Posts allows invited users to circumvent the algorithm allowing their content to instantaneously appear in search results. The published posts are displayed as “cards” in Google search and appears as boxes in search results which can be tapped or swiped quickly.

Appearing as a great leap away from the Google+ flop, Google Posts serves as an interesting development designed by the company with the main focus of building a more effective social network that is anticipated to be a hit among millions of online users.

Google stated that its Posts feature is an immediate answer to the growing demand of searchers for fast information which they can easily access by simply browsing through their mobile phones.

Prominent personalities and organizations who wish to publish on Google are invited to join the waitlist by simply filling out the simple application form which only asks for name, email, and additional notes. It is assumed that Google Posts will be accommodating businesses too later on.

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