Google AdWords Mobile App Release

Rejoice! Google has finally released their official mobile application to view AdWords campaigns from a mobile or tablet device, with one catch – as of now, it is only available for Android devices.

You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Here’s a quick look!


You can view your MCC, as well as go into individual campaigns and view the campaign statistics, just as you do on the desktop.

View campaign statistics


You can get campaign notifications, which is of particular importance especially in regards to any billing information or errors that could cause a campaign to stop running.


Get real time campaign notifications

You can easily optimize your campaigns, by updating your bids, budget and more.


Updating bids budget and more

You can even get assistance from Google, directly within the app!


Get assistance from Google

Unfortunately, as with brand new applications, there are a few kinks.

Firstly, the data that you can view on the app is very limited. For instance, you can view your clicks, impressions, average CPC, cost, CTR, conversions, and cost per conversion, and you can only view these details at the keyword level.

But you cannot view your converted clicks, or cost per converted clicks, your top page bid estimate or quality score. It is unfortunate, as this would make it easier to properly optimize a campaign. Right now, I’d just use it to check my overall spend, just to make sure that the campaign is within budget.

Additionally, you cannot currently view statistics for your video campaigns. Although YouTube advertising is an extremely popular advertising medium, not being able to monitor these campaigns with the app is a definite downside.

I’ve only just started using the app, and although it responds well without any glitches, it doesn’t really provide me with the details I need to manage my campaign when I’m on the go.

Let’s hope Google works on improving this app so that it’s better suited for managing all features of an AdWords campaign!