Facebook’s Updated Branded Content Policy Benefits Publishers and Marketers

Facebook drops a new set of guidelines for publishers when it comes to publishing their branded content. With the recent update, publishers, influencers, celebrities, media companies, and marketers can now share their branded content across the social network using their own verified Facebook Pages freely. This is in contrary to the norm in the past wherein such contents cannot be displayed unless they are part of a paid ad placement.

The leading social network defined branded content as any type of posts – including images, texts, videos, articles, and others – which aim to distribute news or updates that help promote a third-party brand, sponsor, or product.

However, with the recent update, the Pages are only allowed to post branded content if they pass Facebook’s verification process and, most importantly, use the Branded Content tool for tagging or highlighting.

The new tool helps Facebook to clearly recognize and identify branded content and ensure that no paid-for contents infringe it branded content rules.

“This update is something that media companies, public figures, influencers, and marketers have been asking for, as branded content is a growing and evolving part of the media landscape,” Clare Rubin, Facebook’s Product Manager, explained in a blog post.

Facebook branded content gaga screenshot

“People will now be connected to more of the content they care most about on Facebook as publishers and influencers gain an incentive to share more quality content, of all kinds, with their fans,” Rubin also added.

The update is considered as another helpful benefit for publishers and marketers to further promote and advertise their brand online. And, in theory, it is ultimately advantageous for Facebook as well as more media partners and marketers will likely use it to publish their content which, as a result, brings in more revenue for the social network giant.

Though the new policy has opened wider doors for publishers and marketers, Facebook is firm on restricting contents in specific ad formats like banner ads and pre-roll video ads.

Reference: https://media.fb.com/2016/04/08/updates-to-our-branded-content-policy/