Device Bid Adjustment

Target your customers even when they’re on the move!

Google AdWords displays your advertisements through three types of devices – computers (desktops), mobile devices with full browsers, and tablets with full browsers. The reason that these different options exist, is because one single web page will look different to a user who views it while sitting at a desktop PC, and when he views it through his mobile phone (as long as a website has been optimized for mobile phones).


Device Bid Adjustment

You can view the kind of performance received on all three device platforms under the Devices tab in the settings for your campaign.

However, out of the three types of devices, Google allows you to increase or decrease your bids by percentage for only mobile devices.

So if you want to increase the exposure of your Google ads to potential customers via mobile ads, you can increase your mobile device bid by 25%. This will take your regular bid of AED2.00, and increase it to AED 2.5, letting you bid more aggressively on mobile devices only.

It is essential that your website has been optimized for mobile devices before you start to increase bids here. And if your website hasn’t been optimized, then don’t forget that you should turn off the option to bid on this device – or it may affect the landing page experience for your website visitors!