Call Extensions in Google Adwords

Wouldn’t it be great if your potential customers could find your business on Google and call you immediately?

AdWords makes it possible to have potential customers view your ad, and call you instantly from the Google search page itself. The benefit here is that customers on the go, or customers who are in a hurry to find a solution to their query, can immediately call your company and speak to you about their needs instead of having to click through to your website and browse around for your phone number.

This is exceptionally useful for searches being made on mobile phones, as users can directly click on the Call button, and this will dial them through to you immediately.

Clicks on your call extensions also increase your CTR, and each click will only cost you the same amount as a click on your ad! Additionally, if you only want to receive calls during your opening hours, you can schedule your call extensions so that you will only receive calls these hours.

To enable your call extensions, simply visit your Ad Extensions tab, and set it up with your personal preferences.