Bringing Your Brand and Product on Mobile through Facebook Canvas!

Businesses and advertisers now have another efficient means to effectively promote and market their brand and product with Facebook’s recently-launched full-screen ad experience designed for mobile – Canvas.

First introduced to marketers last September, Canvas is fashioned in a much better way which allows sharing of information effortless by simply using a mobile phone. This new interactive platform is an evolution of the Carousel which only allowed users to swipe through the product or brand photos if they want more information.

With Canvas, the interface offers a full-screen viewing of the ads which displays mini-websites that includes descriptions, videos, and slideshows that are scrollable making it more convenient and easier for end users to see the ads.

The ads shown through Canvas are presented more engagingly which gives advertisers a better and effectual way of creating a digital space wherein they can distribute information and further promote their brand and products on mobile. Serving as an answer to advertisers’ growing demand for an immersive mobile ad experience, Facebook built Canvas with a post-click, full-screen, fast-loading, and user-friendly interface that shows brands and products more beautifully.

As a customizable digital space, Canvas helps advertisers to reach out more to a much larger target audience with the use of interactive multimedia stories. Advertisers can freely make use of still images, videos, texts, and call-to-action buttons and, once done, the users can swipe, zoom, and tilt to view images swiftly without the annoyance of slow loading unlike in previous technologies.

With the use of the Canvas Builder Tool, advertisers can quickly create a Canvas as it is made available both in Power Editor and the Publishing Tools tab. As a mobile-only ad experience, it works both on iOS and Android.

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