Advertising during the Ramadan Season

Ramadan Kareem from all of us here at Mapto Media!

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (Google being the first!), and is one of the most popular sources for entertainment, news and education online. Watching videos on individual topics of interest, whether it be news, entertainment or music, is something almost everyone in the world is well acquainted with.

But here in the Middle East, YouTube’s popularity reaches incredible levels.

Based on a study conducted by Millward Brown and published by Google, up to 310 million videos are watched per day on YouTube, that’s about 215,000 videos per minute – just within the MENA region alone!

The reduction of office hours during Ramadan leaves many here in the UAE with a couple of extra hours of free time per day. Combined with the tendency for productivity to reduce slightly over the season, this leaves many with plenty of time to spend on entertainment – online, or otherwise.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to leverage their online presence, particularly through YouTube. Short 20 to 30 second videos targeted to the right audience can not only increase your brand awareness, but tap into a market of potential customers that are sure to see your ad. YouTube video production doesn’t have to be fancy or professional, and can even be made using a simple phone camera!

Mapto Media began YouTube advertising in Dubai by producing short videos, filmed on a mobile phone within our office premises. Within just a few months, a number of incoming leads told us how they had seen our ad on YouTube, and also wanted to advertise their business in the same way!


Monthly reach of YouTube ads

While some companies aim to produce viral videos in order to gain brand awareness, some often opt to have short and informative videos about their company and products/services. The first five seconds of a YouTube ad are unskippable, and hence these five seconds are crucial to capturing your audience’s attention and leaving them with a strong memory of your company.

Mapto Media has been running YouTube advertising campaigns since 2013 both for ourselves and our clients. Many of our AdWords and SEO clients have also started YouTube campaigns, as a way to reach more potential customers.

If you’d like to hear more about YouTube advertising, or ready to start advertising your brand, contact us today!